I am emotional – and that’s OK

September marks the beginning of a new season – one that becomes darker and colder. The combination of these two is a nightmare for anyone with mental health issues because of our “mood disorder”. We are emotional people and that’s OK to own up to, and even embrace. The language we’ve used has changed the way that we manage our emotions though.

We have been taught to cage our emotions in order to control and “improve” our lives, but sometimes, it seems to only improves other’s lives since it makes it more manageable for them.

I’ve been in your shoes before so believe me when I tell you that I understand how challenging it is to try and de-escalate someone else’s anxiety attack or suicidal episode. Thus, encouraging your loved one to take medications and attend individual or group therapies seems beneficial. AND YES! They are life changing. However, the emphasis – and not solely its focus – of these interventions are to use distractions or self-acceptance mantras.

Distraction and self-acceptance mantras transitions you from your inner emotional being to your rational being. But you live with a mood disorder and you are emotional and that is A-OK in my books.

In my own DBT (dialectical behaviour therapy) sessions, I’m taught how to emotionally regulate myself so that I don’t swing around from happy to sad to angry like Tarzan. But my good ol’ husband reminded me that damn, am I ever so emotional, and he loves me for all of it. I have always been was since the beginning of our relationship and that’s OK. Sometimes I just have to be because ultimately, it’s who I am.

I am unapologetically emotional and I don’t have to use my “rational mind” all the time to cage that side of myself like it’s a scary beast. Wild? Yes. Terrifying and dangerous? No.

I expect that the change in seasons will bring out my emotional self even more but I’m always prepared for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder, or “winter blues”) times. I usually do some homework by putting together a little “SAD Kit” full of fun things to temporarily blow away the clouds that are billowing over my head. But I think I’m going to stay a little more on the wild side this fall and winter, because why not add a little emotional adventure to your life right?

As always, every wild emotional adventure will be here on Fridays if you wanna stay tuned and find out. I’ll make sure to do a little more homework and let you know how to stay wild this winter with me too!


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