The “Complain” Train

Misery loves company so it’s easy to be caught up in a cyclone of negativity, especially on social media. This sparked my attention while I was on Reddit – someone asked other users to share their positive happy endings living with a mental health illness in the Bipolar Disorder group. It became crystal clear how others can see how we all just sit around and “complain” about our illness, do nothing about it, and then sing kumbaya together too.

The truth is that we have trouble recognizing when we are spiralling into a cycle of negativity and self doubt.

All we need is someone to help cheer us on and turn the “I can’t” into “I can”. That’s a basic lesson from school and yet we forget this in adulthood, again. Doing this will help us uncover the small little triumphs we have achieved instead of focusing on all the failures and setbacks we fallen back into instead.

Think about it this way… It’s no different than being in a situation where you’re trying to maintain a new diet/exercise plan/lifestyle. You keep messing it up because there were ten million reasons why you couldn’t stay on top of meal prepping or fitting in an hour a day to work out.

People are constantly telling you that you’re just making excuses and not trying hard enough.

And that’s all that you can think about now.

But maybe you could get back on your feet and stay on track if someone just told you…

Start again.

Start again.

Start again.

Don’t stop because you can do this.

I had some pretty awesome people feeding me those special “I can” phrases no matter how much I wanted to give up this year and it has gotten me so far now. I always tell people not to give up too, but the real cherry on top is giving concrete evidences of how they have improved. We all need to see the path we’ve paved to happiness, brick by brick, and each brick matters!!!

An ego boost gives your positivity pill a real chance at changing someone’s life. Keep up the compliments and help them, or yourself, redirect your negativity.

Your mental health means just as much (if not more) than someone else’s diet or exercise plan. You can get started by writing compliments on a sticky note and putting them on your bedroom or bathroom mirror. Even better… set little alerts or alarms on your phone that will remind you of how proud you should be for getting out of bed, or eating breakfast, or attending work/school everyday!

You are in control and you are important so that means you can change your own life! And if you only remember this for today, I hope you can remember to turn those negative “I can’t” thoughts and phrases into “I can”… even if it’s “I can eventually”. But I do hope you start to remember this everyday if you don’t already!



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