Step 2 to Conquer SAD This Winter: Routine

It’s time to spring out of bed – Say hello to routine and bye bye winter blues! Um… as if. Bad days come and go with the cold gloomy weather but the winter blues buries you into the snow until spring comes to melt it all. It disables you from being able to do all the little things. My winter routine last year consisted of hiding under my bed sheets, feeling completely drained, and getting out for the occasional bathroom break. I shed pounds because I didn’t want to eat and I hid from the world. The worst was that I was great at faking it, which really hurt myself the most.

If this sounds anything like you, with or without the winter blues, welcome the world of routine into your life. The version that’s beyond the duvet.

Step 2 to conquer SAD: Routine and rewards
The more I’m learning to “adult” in life, the more I’m realizing that almost everything is a trade off. I only continue “adulting” so that I can reap the benefits after. And trust me, I would be a couch potato binging Netflix all day if it was healthy.

Before even creating your routine, think about what makes you happy if you were free from SAD and bipolar disorder.

I don’t mean to burst your bubble… but making winning the lottery probably isn’t the most realistic at the moment. So what is it? Ordering in your favourite meal? Spending a few hours watching your favourite show? Taking an afternoon snooze? Schedule it into your daily or weekly routine whatever it it is!

Now write out your current schedule and add in breaks from 30  to 60 minutes. This just keeps getting better, right?

Scheduling in your breaks first will show you how much time you have left to be productive and focus on the things that you “need” to do. It can simply be getting out of bed, showering, or cooking a meal. Now you deserve your reward! So go ahead and schedule that in too. All this can be recorded on a pad of paper, in your calendar, or an agenda. It doesn’t matter as long as you can visualize it.

Share your routine with someone you trust so they can check in with you too. Two heads are always better than one after all!

That’s the thing with SAD – it’s a frosty blizzard that you lose can yourself in but you don’t have to be alone in it. Reach out to someone who will help move you into a positive direction. And I can already tell that you are moving into a better place by reading this because it means that you’re taking control this winter. Start now and you can conquer SAD with me too.


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  1. Joe says:

    This is a really helpful post, thanks for sharing! I’m also, at the suggestion of my doctor, starting light therapy to help the SAD aspects of my bipolar. A study by the University of Pittsburgh recently came out claiming that light therapy caused a 68% rate of remission of bipolar symptoms if used in a specific routine, that being a progression of 15 minutes to an hour of light therapy everyday at around noon. One example of a great routine to get into if interested in light therapy.

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    1. Thanks Joe! I’ve heard some success stories with light therapy. I can’t speak on it though because I tried doing it everyday for a month with no success 😦

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      1. Joe says:

        Oh that’s interesting. I guess it definitely doesn’t work for everyone, you’re apart of the 32 % that didn’t see remission. However I don’t know how much faith I have in those statistics. Seems a little too good to be true.


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